Destyni and Paris

For the past few months, I have known that I am the co-winner of the Transforming Youth through Travel scholarship sponsored by Context Travel, and now that the trip draws closer to the big day of my departure for Paris, I grow anxious in the best possible way. The plane ride across the Atlantic will mark a turning point in my life. I am going to a place that my friends have only ever dreamed of going to. I yearn to figure out exactly how I am going to change, and this drives my imagination crazy.


Once I wave goodbye to my family and get on the plane, I will spend the ride imagining what could happen in the City of Light. All of the work I have done to prepare for the trip will pay off in the best possible way. In preparation for the trip, I have read Ann Mah’s wonderful book, Mastering the Art of French Eating, and I am anticipating two weeks of eating the best cuisine in the world. Through her book, I have discovered a vast new array of foods, many of which I look forward to trying.


I can see myself exploring the streets and experiencing the new array of scents created by intriguing foods. The smells may be so prevalent that I can almost taste it without stepping a foot into the restaurant’s doors. The food that intrigues me the most is escargot. It is one of those things that many people cringe at, and parents jokingly tease their children with. Personally, I’m not worried about the taste as much as the texture. Is it squishy or grainy?  Does it really taste like chicken?  Regardless, I have no doubt that I will at least try escargot and enjoy most dishes, even the most intimidating, because I will be in the midst of such an important food culture.


I anticipate a long night before my departure, as I dream about the flavors of Paris. Food excites me! On the New Parisian Palate tour with Context Travel, I can’t wait to gain a whole new sense of French culture in its most authentic form.  While exploring the Paris Market Walk, I am looking forward to discovering the aromas of market and street food, and being able to  broaden my knowledge about food around me, as well as this important part of Parisian culture. I intend on bringing every skill I learn in context to food home to my family and friends. I want to share a little piece of my Parisian experience over tasty food and stories of my adventures.


– Destyni Freese